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Getting tested often is the only way to know that you are not spreading the virus to family, friends, classmates, and loved ones. You can test negative one day and positive the next, especially if you are showing ANY symptoms at all - no matter how mild.

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Quick, Accurate Results

Whether you are showing even the slightest of symptoms or none at all, the CDC reccommends that you get tested to make sure that you are not srpeading the virus. Our "Made in the USA" FDA-authorized tests not only give you fast results, but they are highly accurate giving you the peace of mind that you need for your family or business.

Drive-Through Testing

We offer completely "touchless" drive-through testing for individuals, familes, and even businesses. With the drive-through option, you simply book an appointment, come and get tested (no long waits, stay in your car!), and we send you your results in just a few minutes after you leave. No need to wait for days or even hours and you can head home right after your tested without waiting around for your results.

Testing for Businesses

For businesses who need employee urgent testing, we are your solution. We offer same-day testing options where a registred nurse (RN) comes direct to your business location (or send your employees to our testing facility if you so choose). Our VIP-service is fast, safe, and secure. With every precaution taken, we give your business the peace of mind it needs with on-site rapid COVID-19 testing to continue to run.

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Our rapid testing services are fast, safe, reliable, and what you can count on to keep you, your family, friends, co-workers, classmates, and loved ones safe. Get Tested Now!

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"That was SO MUCH BETTER than the other test site I went to where I waited for 3 HOURS!!! I waited 2 minutes and received my results before I even got back home."

Marc H.

"I tested negative twice after seeing a friend that tested positive 10 days prior, but I still had allergy-like symptoms. on the 12th day after, I tested positive. Thank god I went to!"

Marc H.

"Everything was so fast, easy, and organized - from booking an appointment and getting tested to getting my results. THANK YOU!"

Mary A.

"I got myself and my daughter tested before seeing my parents. Thankfully we were both negative, but now we knew we were keeping them safe."

Janet R.

"I had no idea that I was going to test positive since I just had a runny nose. But now we are keeping everyone around us safe by quarantining."

Anthony P.

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